NVIDIA Unveils Latest 5TB/s Hopper GH200 GPU


NVIDIA announced the release of the advanced GH200 GPU with HBM3e technology, the world’s fastest memory to date. According to NVIDIA, the Hopper GH200 GPU is the world’s first HBM3e chip, offering not only higher memory bandwidth, but also more memory.

The Dual Grace Hopper System now provides 3.5x the storage and 3x the bandwidth of the current offering, so systems can now provide up to 282GB of HBM3e memory. On its own, HBM3e memory delivers 50% faster speeds than the existing HBM3 standard, delivering up to 10 TB/s per system and 5 TB/s per chip.

At the same time, NVIDIA has not yet announced from which company it will order the latest HBM3e memory chips for use in its GH200 graphics accelerator, but it was recently reported that SK Hynix received a request from NVIDIA for samples of its next generation HBM3e DRAM.

At the same time, Samsung also has faster HBM3 dies capable of delivering up to 5TB/s of throughput per stack. And in the end, new accelerators, of course, will be used to work in the artificial intelligence system – now absolutely all technologies are aimed at this direction and a product with a higher bandwidth will allow faster processing of huge amounts of information.

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