General Support
Did someone do something naughty, like spam or ugly comments? Does a feature of the site not work? Reach us directly at contact@sodagame.fun. Please make sure you read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.
Please include screenshots, urls, etc if possible.

Editorial inaccuracies
Is something factually inaccurate on the home page? Get in touch asap to our proof team and we’ll patch it as soon as humanly possible.

Copyrighted contend, piracy and content takedowns
We try to keep all copyrighted content off our servers, and unfortunately some stuff slips through the cracks. Our apologies in advance.
Just shoot us an informal email and we’ll take it down as soon as humanly possible. We take intellectual property concerns very seriously – but please understand that we can’t catch everything.

Contests and Giveaways
Want to give something away, or did you win something in a contest and never get notified? Please get in touch with our team: contact@sodagame.fun

Job and How to write for SODA GAME
If you want to write for SODA GAME, we expect you to bring curiosity, expertise, insight, and a fresh perspective to the topic you are tasked with covering. Please send us your writing samples: contact@sodagame.fun.

Product reviews and press events
Please DO send press releases and products to our contact email.
Our team will sometimes take trips and other hospitality to attend shows or see products. That doesn’t affect how we think or write about those products or games, but it does affect whether we can cover certain products or events, particularly when otherwise we would not have had that coverage opportunity.

Review policy
Our philosophy is that AAA and indie are just as likely to produce fascinating games worthy of our time and coverage, and give all extremes equal prominence.
The majority of review products are sent to us by the companies involved, and the majority are a direct result of a review request. We only review products that we have selected ourselves and that are worth reviewing.

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