Apple is preparing a very powerful version of the M3 Ultra chip


According to Bloomberg, Apple is testing the M3 Ultra chip with a significant increase in processor performance due to the architecture with 32 cores instead of the 24 cores in the M2 Ultra processor.

Insiders also said that Apple’s internal tests show a base processor configuration with 64 video cores and a maximum performance version with 80 video cores, which will be installed exclusively in the company’s flagship solution.

It is worth recalling that Mac computers with the M2 Ultra chip are already available with a 60-core or 76-core video core configuration, which makes the next version of the chip more powerful than the previous generation, but, of course, the top version of the current chip will be more powerful than the base version of the processor new generation.

However, this does not mean that computers with the new chip as standard will be weak in terms of performance – this is certainly not the case. The M2 Ultra processor in Mac Studio is already doing great, and to be honest, even the M2 Max-powered MacBook Pros are so powerful that the company doesn’t know how to sell Mac Pros anymore.

At the same time, insiders are sure that the new processor will be installed in a computer that will go on sale only in the spring of 2024, that is, six months after the appearance of this information. And actually it makes sense, because the chip will be very powerful and the current configurations of laptops will no longer be of interest to buyers.

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