American Truck Simulator has received DLC with Nebraska staff

American Truck Simulator is being expanded with a new DLC — Nebraska. This is the thirteenth addition to the game, but the eleventh paid one.

Nebraska’s vast and diverse landscape, located in the heart of the Great Plains, consists of prairies, hills, and the important Platte River. By transporting cargo through the Cornhusker state along historic routes, you will have many opportunities to see iconic landmarks and truly immerse yourself in the spirit of the state, from its pioneering history to the modern energy of cities filled with ever-growing industries.
DLC page on the American Truck Simulator website

Nebraska represents the state of the USA and includes beautiful landscapes, cities, mountain ranges and unique industrial facilities. Players will be able to travel through this region, explore its roads and deliver goods.

A special feature of Nebraska is the outfits for the players. Now drivers will be able to put on a Nebraska uniform and take part in special events. This adds authenticity and variety to the gameplay.

DLC in 12 explored cities, including Lincoln, Omaha and Grand Island. New industries are located in or around each city, with some of Nebraska’s key industries represented.

Along with the Nebraska DLC, a free patch Update 1.50 was also released. This fixes several issues with the game, as well as improves the renderer and adds a new lane assistant feature.

Along with the Nebraska DLC, the Sports Paint Jobs Pack is now available. This will add a completely new truck design to the game, allowing truckers to color their cars beautifully.

Each new design was created manually by talented artists from SCS Software so that players could turn their machines into canvases for painting. The set includes five identical truck and trailer designs, each with its own unique style.