Subverse is an erotic space blockbuster that was released in early access back in 2021. And it became so popular that even we couldn’t pass it by. The game is a cross between space Rangers, x-com (may the fans forgive me) and any game with an erotic bent.

Subverse is a game that is not shy about its focus. This is great, as there are very few interesting projects in this niche. We did not know about the existence of this game, nor about its development, until its popularity on steam. This means that she didn’t have a big advertising campaign. Therefore, it is surprising that this game sells so well and has a lot of positive reviews.

Going directly to the gameplay itself, it can be described as follows. The gameplay is very simple: you either fly in space or fight in step-by-step mode (between interactive explicit scenes, for which, in fact, everything was started). Moreover, the battles in space are quite high-quality. They reminded me of the old days, when we stuck all day long in Space Rangers.

One of the main mechanics of the game is turn-based battles. The battlefield is divided into cells in a familiar way, on which you place your units (one hero and three creepy monsters) and join the battle. You can move around the map with the first action, and attack with the second. Each of the fighters (and enemies) has its own attacks, resistances, armor and other features: someone is able to run away after attacking (you will linger next to the enemy and inevitably miss a blow out of turn), someone attacks from afar, someone tolerates physical damage well. At the same time, a missed blow allows you to accumulate adrenaline, which one day can be poured into a particularly powerful attack.

To win, you need to destroy three waves of enemies. Perhaps some collisions will cause minimal difficulties, but in general, having dealt with a modest set of skills and combat mechanics, you will butcher your rivals. But there is also no fear of losing heroes and units — in the next confrontation they will return to the battlefield as if nothing had happened.

Well, what about the most important thing, you ask, how are things there with what this game is being bought for? Well, let’s start with the fact that the Subverse is exactly porn, not erotica. However, you should not count on an extravaganza, because outright debauchery takes up a maximum of ten percent of the game and is generally an additional mechanic, not the main one.

According to the plot, different ladies will come to your team. You can enjoy a sexy android, a seductive scientist, an alien princess and many others — each companion is beautiful. Each girl has her own character and strengths and you will want to spend time with each one.

By default, you have access to one scene from each vayfu: for example, Demi will diligently please the hero, and Lily will allow him to actively act himself. To open the other eight (among which there is a place for outright perversion like sex with tentacles), you will have to … grind! For completing basic and additional tasks, you will receive special points, which you can spend on unlocking porn scenes.

Subverse is definitely a good game, but whether it lives up to the hype is going to depend on what you were expecting from it.

We personally did not have high expectations – versatile gamers with experience. We knew what would come of it, and therefore we were not disappointed.

The game was pleasantly surprised and relaxed. No, no, not in the sense that you thought)))