The Foretold: Westmark Legacy

The Foretold: Westmark Legacy is a gothic horror adventure card game inspired by Lovecraft’s works. In this creepy story, you will find yourself in the shoes of investigator Herbert Westmark and his companion Ambrose . Ambrose is witty and likable, he is also a parasite demon and therefore an interesting ally. Together you’ll unravel the dark secrets of Burrmouth in an eerie tale of Lovecraftian horror, where the path of cosmic terror can lead to places crazier than you can imagine.

In The Foretold: Westmark Legacy, you’ll have to equip items and relics, then strategically acquire and use cards as you battle the twisted horrors that haunt the darkest corners of Burrnmouth . Each twist in this horror story will lead to a new turn in the road and new mysteries to solve. The branching roads of the town’s map will lead to hidden loot, encounters, and a few other surprises that are better left undiscovered for now. These roads will also lead you to one of many different endings; if you can survive, of course.

If you’re craving a whole new dose of Lovecraftian weirdness, The Fortold: Westmark Legacy seems to have plenty. If you enjoy a good deck-building experience and you’re craving a little cosmic horror, this might be just the combination you’ve been wanting for a long time.