The original Gothic is coming to Nintendo Switch in September


This is not a remaster or remake, but a port with a number of improvements.

The Switch version is a port, not a remaster or remake: the developers will not change the game’s source code in any way, and will transfer it to the new platform without changes. However, some bugs will be fixed and the gameplay will be improved. You can find the full list of fixes here.

War broke out throughout the kingdom of Myrtana. Hordes of orcs invaded human territory, and the king needed a lot of ore to forge enough weapons. Anyone who breaks the law in these dark times is sentenced to serve his sentence in the gigantic penal colony of Khorinis, where much-needed ore is mined. You are thrown over the barrier into this prison colony. Here you must survive and make unstable alliances until you can finally escape.

Gothic Classic is coming to Nintendo Switch on September 28th.

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