Role-playing sandbox Dustgrave will be released on Steam in 2024


Publisher Digital Tribe and indie studio Innervoid Interactive have announced the sandbox RPG Dustgrave, which will be released on Steam in 2024. The collapse of the Dahlan Empire has brought times of struggle, times of war, famine and plague – but also opportunities for those strong and brave enough to forge their own path with sword and mind. You can be one of these adventurers and mercenaries who venture into this troubled land and leave a mark – as an outlaw or a hero; a wise scholar or a hard worker; a holy man or just a mercenary: the choice is yours.

Dustgrave offers players complete freedom in a true sandbox role-playing game with attractive watercolor graphics and a deep turn-based combat system. You play as a group of adventurers in the ravaged lands of the former Dahlan Empire: you can create and customize your characters with the advanced character editor, and then choose your own path without restrictions. The world will react accordingly to your actions and decisions: an advanced record and relationship system that tracks every event in the world, and then each NPC reacts to what they know about you based on their morals and current biases.

Dustgrave has a deep turn-based combat system that allows you to utilize many different combinations of skills and items, offering players endless possibilities of great tactical depth. But you’ll also have an advanced stealth system in your hands, allowing you to solve problems using your wits rather than steel: you can infiltrate safe areas to find clues, steal treasure, or kill your target without leaving a trace.

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