A demo of the dynamically changing world in the RPG sandbox game Dustgrave


Players can take a look at how the world changes depending on their actions.

Settlements and locations in the game are dynamic entities. This means that they can be conquered by different factions, be destroyed and rebuilt, or even swarm with zombies. In general, a destroyed settlement that the player stumbles upon at the beginning of the adventure may one day become a rebuilt city that will have to be defended.

Players will also always have the option to activate stealth mode to try to stealthily get out of difficult situations. In a game where all NPCs remember what you’ve done to them, it’s fundamental to be able to operate from the shadows to avoid negative consequences. NPCs will be able to spot the player using cone of sight and hearing, but they will also have memory, which will affect, for example, trying to sell them items you just stole from them. Additionally, there’s also the ability to engage in combat in stealth mode, useful for those who don’t want anyone to notice that their character just killed a bunch of people.

Dustgrave is being developed for MS, and will be released in 2024.

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