The authors of Starfield answered questions from the community and gave a little advice: “Don’t get caught with carved organs”


Ahead of Starfield’s launch, two of Bethesda’s lead developers took to Discord for a quick Q&A answering questions from hopeful fans, resulting in a dump of information with helpful advice: “Don’t get caught with those carved organs.” Just like my grandfather used to say.

Lead quest designer Will Shen and lead quest designer Emil Pagliarulo answered a total of 16 questions. The full conversation can be viewed on the official Bethesda Game Studios Discord by subscribing to Starfield’s free Constellation Club and accessing the constellation-dev-chat channel.

Before we dive into the wall of text, here are a few highlights from the Q&A. Can Starfield be completely non-violent? Many troubles can be avoided, but a completely pacifist playthrough is not “absolutely feasible”. As for housing for players – how does it work? The good news is that you can buy a house in all of Starfield’s major cities, and there is at least one secret hideout that can be unlocked through quests.

And here’s an important question for aspiring space thieves: will you go to jail if you get caught in a crime? Yes, because Starfield’s legal system is more like Skyrim than Fallout 4’s Commonwealth. Finally, how many people can you recruit? There are over 20 named characters in Starfield, and four of them have additional story content.

Now let’s move on to the details, that is, to some highlights.

  • With the Kid Stuff trait, will your parents look like your character? “Yes, of course,” Pagliarulo says. “Just like in Fallout 3 with your father and in Fallout 4 with your son, in Starfield, if you take the Kid Stuff trait, your parents will look like you.”
  • How does smuggling work? You can find out more here. But here just sounded the advice: “Do not catch the eye with these carved organs.” Note that he didn’t say “don’t extract them”, just “don’t get caught”.
  • Time in Starfield only runs when the game is running. This means that there will be no background activities in the upcoming role-playing game, for example, for the extraction of resources or the production of products.
  • Can you play as a double agent for factions? Yes and no. As Bethesda stated last year, you can join all of Starfield’s factions at the same time, “just like in Skyrim.” So you can be part of two competing factions – for example, Pagliarulo says “Infiltrate the Crimson Fleet for UC SysDef” as part of this questline – but Shen says “Whether you betray the fleet or UC SysDef is a choice you have to make.” do”.
  • What religions and belief systems exist in Starfield? Pagliarulo says there are real religions in Starfield, but the focus is on the original religions that exist in the universe. For example, the relatively new Sanctum Universum preaches that “God is out there somewhere in the universe, and that humanity’s ability to travel the stars brings us closer to God.” Shen points to The Enlightened Ones, “an atheist group that is engaged in humanitarian and social work.”
  • What games or movies have influenced some of the quests? You won’t believe it: Star Wars. And also “Battlestar Galactica”, “Space: 1999”, “Buck Rogers”, “Battle Beyond the Stars”, “Metal Storm: The Fall of Jared Sin”, “Contact”, “Interstellar”, “Through the Horizon” , “A Space Odyssey 2001” and several other films included in Pagliarulo’s list.
  • Starfield does not require any previous Bethesda RPG experience. According to Pagliarulo, you can play Starfield at any pace and in any way you like – there are no restrictions on this. Starfield will provide players with great role-playing opportunities through a flexible character customization system. According to the designer, his latest character is a good-natured trucker named Mitch Dombrowski, who will never shoot first, but will do whatever it takes to defend himself.

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  1. Yes, perhaps the content will be much more than in BG3, in which the only interesting thing is the plot and acting out.

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