Taverns appeared in the medieval tactical role-playing game Wartales

Wartales, the medieval open-world tactical RPG that has received overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam and sold nearly a million copies, has received The Tavern Opens add-on. The base game introduces a new profession – Brewer, as well as the sought-after ability to leave companions in reserve, which became available along with the launch of the DLC.

The Tavern Opens DLC creates a thriving tavern, a proven haven for all soldiers of fortune, travelers, and cutthroats. Gather a loyal staff, recruit civilians, or appoint companions to keep customers satisfied and master cooking and brewing techniques.

Unlock special interior design and creation tools to attract rich visitors. Keep track of the clientele, there are 15 factions, each with their own preferences in food, drinks, music and decorations.

Climb the ranks of the tavern to achieve unprecedented profits. Explore and weaken the competition through strategic infiltration. Send crew members to rival taverns to steal gold and tarnish their prestige, or assign cooks and brewers to steal secret recipes.

With the right crew, tasty ales, corporate espionage, and a little luck, anyone can open a top-notch tavern and provide a new avenue of funding for a gang of mercenaries. Once rested, run the tavern remotely, adjust the menu and withdraw profits to support the path of tyranny, justice and shame.

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