Review: TRAIL OUT – Combat Racing Festival


TRAIL OUT is the debut game from indie developers GOOD BOYS, who have decided to create the successor to the FlatOut racing series powered by Unreal Engine. The main character, a stunt racer named Mikhalych, wants not only to overtake all the racers on the track, but also to become more famous than them, having accumulated as much money and attention as possible from fans.

  • Developer: GOOD BOYS
  • Publisher: Crytivo
  • Release Date: September 7, 2022

Cars at the initial stage of the game are models of the Soviet, European, Japanese, American car industries.
Customization is pretty simple. We choose the body type, engine, transmission, nitro, wheels, color and inscription on the numbers. Have you chosen? Go.

The game begins with a story prologue, which alternates between ring races and car battles in arenas. After passing it, the game will prompt you to choose the difficulty – special with settings for yourself, classic and “Max Pain” mode.

You will have to fight on the track with 7 other racers. Each with its own disposition, car and personal photo. American Joe Boomer will be driving large jeeps, Ivan Komrad is racing on tuned Soviet cars, and Big Cheese is rolling out behind the wheel of understated green muscle cars.

After the prologue, career and quick play modes open. In addition to racing and arena derbies, in the future it will be possible to participate in sprinting, time trials and even stunt driver ejection stunts (familiar from the Flatout series).

Cars crumple and bend to the conscience from all sides. The trunk and hood fly out, the wings break off. Glasses burst from a series of blows. Heavier cars behave as expected, lighter ones miss the blows of heavyweights and strive to fly off to the side of the road, but they are more maneuverable and easier to move away from the aggressive pressure to the side.

Trail Out succeeds at creating an over the top, arcade style racer. It’s tongue in cheek and not very serious, but is a lot of fun to play. Whether you like racing or crashing there’s enjoyment to be had. It looks and sounds great, except for the cutscenes. It could use more options for customisation and perhaps a few more tracks, but overall, it’s a great time.


  • Great gameplay
  • Strong Visuals and Audio
  • Well designed and fun tracks


  • Could use more variety in tracks
  • Car customisation is lacking

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