Intel Core i9-14900K, i7-14700K, i5-14600K, spotted at a Canadian retailer, 3% more expensive than the previous generation


The soon-to-be-released desktop processors, the 14th generation Core series, have been made official by the PC Canada store. All six upcoming K and KF models are now visible on the price list, with early pricing only slightly higher than usual.

It’s worth noting that these prices for unreleased CPUs are usually temporary and may be adjusted once the series officially launches. Nevertheless, Intel has a track record of providing this type of information to major distributors and even large retailers well in advance of consumers and often before reviewers.

The latest confirmation regarding Intel’s next-generation processor series comes from PC Canada, which has unveiled new 14-, 20- and 24-core models. These processors are priced from $416 to $834 Canadian dollars. A quick comparison with current prices for the 13th generation Core series shows that these initial prices are surprisingly not as high as one might expect, with an average increase of only 4% or a range of 2% to 7%.

This list seems to confirm some key specifications of the upcoming processors, the Core i9-14900K is expected to be clocked at 6GHz and have 24 cores, while the 14700K and 14600K series will offer 20 cores at 5.6GHz and 14 cores at 5.3GHz respectively.

Intel is gearing up to launch its 14th-generation K-series processors on October 17, with an official announcement due next week at the Innovation event. However, the company is yet to provide pricing and additional information about the update to its desktop processor series.

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