In Xtract, the second act has begun with the continuation of the storyline


New equipment is also waiting for players.

There are new items that bring new abilities to the game. The “Claw” gadget allows players to pull themselves to an enemy to strike a surprise blow or to an ally to get out of a difficult situation. Using the “Selfieport” gadget, players can take selfies and teleport to the location where the photo was taken from a remote location.

With the update, the game has also introduced new artifacts that players can use depending on their battle tactics. The first artifact reduces the amount of health of enemies within a certain radius, the second one imposes a random amplification on the character for some time, and the third one gradually restores the maximum stock of the shield after losing its full power.

Users are also waiting for three new amplifiers, which will allow you to fight more effectively with enemies. “Guide” marks on the map the location of enemy renegades, if there are such nearby, “Krushila” does more damage if the monsters have more health than the player, and “Zagrabaster” helps not affect the available trinkets and artifacts on the duration of the jerk.

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