Electric fences and a trap have been added to the latest Sons Of The Forest patch


The authors of the “survival” Sons of the Forest released patch number 08, where they added various innovations and corrected the balance of the game.

In particular, players are waiting for another video recording, electric fences and wires (can be placed in a free order), a new large trap, a creepy old enemy (appears after the main passage), and so on.
In addition, the user can now carry radios with them, and the golf cart can accommodate up to 4 players in multiplayer (and lights have also been added to vehicles).
And if local explorers kill too many enemies, then this will reduce the number of available raids.
Optimization has also been improved, so the game now requires less memory – this should fix the crash situation. At the same time, the authors corrected many minor gameplay and technical issues.

You can see the full patch details on the game’s Steam page.

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