Below the Stone – A Miner’s Dream Come True The underground realm of Below the Stone, a dwarf-themed roguelike developed by Strollart and published by Apogee Entertainment, is now accessible in Steam Early Access and GOG. Aspiring miners can start their loot-laden journey today, with a full release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X|S slated for 2024.

Create your own gnome and conquer the depths In this seamless roguelike adventure, players create their own gnome with customisable beards and hairstyles. Armed with a trusty pickaxe, it’s time to delve deep into the ruins in search of treasure while avoiding the danger of becoming another lost soul beneath the rubble.

Procedurally generated challenges and a variety of biomes. Beneath the Stone features a variety of procedurally generated dungeons and caves in the game. Adventurers must traverse fields of fluorescent mushrooms, magma-filled mazes, and vast caverns. The challenge is compounded by the presence of formidable foes such as trolls with clubs, yetis and scorpions.

Abundant loot and suggestions from a skilled blacksmith Treasure chests filled with gold, silver and platinum await discovery. Players can use dungeons and ore-detecting devices to light their way. Collected loot can be exchanged with a friendly blacksmith for weapon and equipment upgrades, creating a steady cycle of exploration and improvement.

Explosive combat and cunning enemies. When traditional weapons fail, players can resort to copper-laced crossbows, shotguns, and blunderbusses. Dynamite and other explosives provide both offensive and environmental benefits, destroying both enemies and obstacles.

Non-player characters, quests, and risks of greed Interacting with non-player characters such as cave moles adds depth to the game, as does completing side quests. Players must weigh the risks and rewards of diving deeper or returning to the surface with their current loot. Death in the game is costly: miners lose all their possessions and start over.

Community Feedback Fuels Development Scott Miller, founder of Apogee Entertainment, highlights the role of community feedback in shaping Below the Stone. The game’s retro style is matched with deep gameplay, and the journey to its final version promises even more surprises, driven by ongoing player input.

This early access release marks just the beginning for Below the Stone, as players around the globe start their quest for fortune and glory deep beneath the surface. Stay tuned for more updates as this dwarven roguelike continues to evolve.


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