The Crust will be released on Steam on July 15th

The game takes place around a space expedition, the purpose of which is to uncover all the secrets of the Moon and create a new cradle for humanity there.

The Crust is a strategy simulator game with elements of factory construction. Your main task is focused on the use and management of complex resource systems, balancing production. But the most important thing is to automate the supply and development of your Colony. The key means of achieving automation and meeting the needs of the colony, as well as for the expansion and construction of their settlement, will undoubtedly be the creation and management of conveyor systems.

The game appeared on Kickstarter in March 2024, and in just 30 days it reached its financial goal, raising twice the amount of $ 100,000. This opened up the opportunity to introduce new features to the game, such as new modes, storylines and combat systems that players will see already on release.

The Crust will be released for early access on Steam on July 15.