Eternal Strands, a role-playing action game from the veterans of the game industry, has been announced

The game is being developed by Yellow Brick Games, a studio founded by Dragon Age series director Mike Laidlaw and Ubisoft veterans.

In this third-person adventure, you play as Brynn, a fearless young woman determined to restore her people’s cultural homeland by uncovering the secrets of the Anclave, a once-powerful nation now in decline.

Battle the epic 25-meter Ark, combining magical abilities with an arsenal of powerful weapons to save the world from destruction. Use the environment and extreme weather conditions to your advantage in battles against a wide variety of fantastical creatures. Immerse yourself in a vast and rich story where you will build relationships with a wide variety of characters.

The game is being developed on Unreal Engine 5 and does not have a release date yet. You can add Eternal Strands to your wishlist on Steam.