Dark Envoy combines classic CRPG mechanics with a skill-based combat system, offering a variety of tactical options. Players control a squad of relic hunters in a world where technology and magic collide. The game features dynamic combat with five difficulty levels featuring four main classes and twelve unique specializations. With an extensive role-playing system, players enjoy limitless possibilities and meaningful choices that shape the story and its ending.

  • Developer: Event Horizon
  • Publisher: Event Horizon
  • Release Date: October 24, 2023

For connoisseurs of tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs), Dark Envoy almost hits the mark. One of its outstanding features is its comprehensive class system. Learning each specialization will be an enjoyable experience, offering many strategic options and play styles to explore.

Dark Envoy’s classes provide ample opportunity for customization and experimentation, whether it’s the Guardian’s steadfast defense, the Assassin’s quick strikes, the Blade Master’s mastery of blade techniques, or the Elementalist’s use of arcane powers.

A very good thing about Dark Envoy is the impact of player choices on the narrative. Throughout the game, players are presented with pivotal moments where Kaela and Malakai stand at a crossroads, forcing a decision between a reckless, aggressive approach and a more diplomatic approach. These choices not only determine the immediate outcome of events, but also have far-reaching consequences that significantly affect the direction of the story. This level of narrative freedom adds depth and replayability, making each playthrough a unique and personal experience.

Although the game begins with a promising storyline, the story progression unfortunately slows down as it reaches the middle and end. What begins as an engaging tale of fate and conflict gradually loses momentum, leading to a dull experience in the later stages. The initial intrigue of being immersed in a world torn by the clash between Technology and Magic quickly gives way to pacing issues and a feeling of being dragged down.

As the game progresses, what should have been a short and exciting adventure begins to feel like a long journey with little payoff. This disconnect between a strong beginning and a lackluster mid-to-late part diminishes the overall impact of Dark Envoy’s narrative, leaving players with a sense of unrealized potential.

The game overwhelms players with hordes of enemies at every turn, making progression seem more like a tedious endeavor than an exciting adventure. Combat encounters, exciting at first, quickly become monotonous as defeating enemies becomes a repetitive routine.

This relentless onslaught of enemies somewhat diminishes the enjoyment of the story, leaving players feeling defeated and exhausted rather than immersed in the narrative. As a result, the need for a second playthrough to explore alternate approaches seems unnecessary, as the story mode itself is already a major challenge that may prevent some players from fully enjoying the game.

Dark Envoy utilizes a real-time, pause-based combat system that is commendable. Controlling characters in combat is an enjoyable experience, offering players the flexibility to strategize and adapt to the changing battlefield. The inclusion of line-of-sight mechanics adds depth to the tactical aspect of combat, requiring players to consider positioning and environmental factors when planning their actions.

However, there are times when the execution falls short, especially in regards to party members’ reactions. Despite being given commands to attack with their skills, there are times when they seem unresponsive or do not act as intended. This inconsistency can be frustrating, taking away from an interesting experience. Additionally, managing an entire group in real-time combat can seem tedious due to the sheer number of actions and decisions that need to be made simultaneously. While the real-time combat system offers depth and fun, it also presents its own challenges, making it a two-way stick for players to navigate.

The dynamic between main characters Kaela and Malakai brings a welcome dose of levity and warmth to the story. Their contrasting personalities, sibling banter, and obvious bond add a depth to their characters that isn’t always seen in other NPCs. Their interactions create moments of humor and humanity amidst the chaos of a conflict-torn world, making them memorable and relatable protagonists.

However, while the relationship between Kaela and Malakai is brilliant, some of the other characters in the game don’t compare to them. Some NPCs seem lackluster, lacking the depth and nuance expected from a story-driven RPG. Their motivations and personalities seem underdeveloped, reducing the overall immersion and impact of the narrative. This inconsistency in character depth highlights Dark Envoy’s missed opportunity to realize its full potential in creating a compelling and multifaceted cast of characters.

In theory, Dark Envoy had all the makings of a great game, but in execution it failed to realize its potential. The game struggles to maintain momentum and fails to fully realize its strengths, leaving players feeling frustrated and disappointed. While Dark Envoy has its shining moments, it ultimately fails to live up to the promise of greatness, falling short of what could have been an outstanding game in the RPG genre.

For players looking for a deep and polished role-playing adventure, Dark Envoy may not fully live up to expectations. However, for those looking to explore a variety of CRPGs, Dark Envoy is a great option at a more affordable price point compared to other, more expensive games. But what really sets Dark Envoy apart is the relentless emphasis on player-driven narrative choices. At crucial moments, players are brought into the heart of the conflict, where Kaela and Malakai are faced with dilemmas that require decisive action – either rush headlong into harm’s way or negotiate a delicate truce. These decisions are not just workarounds, but shape the very fabric of the narrative, steering it toward unpredictable outcomes. Dark Envoy is a daring expedition into the unknown, where every choice is a calculated risk that heightens the thrill of traveling through a volatile world of conflict and magic.