Into the Dead: Our Darkest Day’s dystopian survival simulator has been announced

When the walking dead flooded Walton, Texas in the summer of 1980, desperate survivors banded together in hopes of staying alive long enough to escape the city.

The first trailer for the project showcases the three cornerstones of gameplay: planning, adaptation, and survival. Explore various locations in search of valuable materials, carefully avoiding zombies in heavily infested areas. Take care of each survivor’s needs and well-being, and equip shelters with fortifications and amenities to survive the night before choosing new locations to explore the next day.

Over time, the undead inhabitants of Walton City spread like a plague, requiring flexibility and adaptability. Use resources to craft weapons and tools to confront the zombies, and move shelters to stay in relative safety. Make tough decisions that affect group morale, welcome newcomers, or attack gullible survivors when supplies become scarce.

Into The Dead: Our Darkest Days will release on PC on Steam Early Access in 2025, with a playable demo coming in October 2024.