Winds of Change add-on for Europa Universalis IV has been released

The expansion offers new historical content for nations such as the Aztec Empire that dominated Mexico, the Mughal Empire that emerged in Central Asia and dominated India for three hundred years, and the sea lane trading republics of Venice and the Netherlands.

The updated historical content includes expanded and branched missions that reflect the characteristics of certain nations unique government reforms, new decisions and events, and special mechanics that allow you to use cultural abilities to gain unique bonuses.

Significant updates include new Aztec mechanics that encourage warfare and sacrifice, new ways to unite the Mayan nations into one confederacy, the ruling of the Inca Empire, and a host of other improvements and updates. Thanks to special content, these nations will also be able to make an invasion of the Old World in an alternate history.

The Netherlands and Venice have received additional historical detail and more content related to the creation and expansion of the Dutch Republic, the Glorious Revolution that united the Dutch and British crowns, the Venetian Council of Ten, and the glories of the Venetian Renaissance. New updates for Austria, Hungary, and Bohemia include opportunities for the Austrians and Hungarians to form the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, and for Bohemia to increase Hussite influence in the heart of the Empire.

The fading Timurid Empire could either adopt Persian traditions or return to its roots and nomadic life of raiding. At the same time, the rising Mughal Empire was opening new avenues to unite all of India under its rule. The Horde nations inhabiting the Central Asian region have also received updates that include unique historical details for the Tatar, Mongol, and Mughal Khanates.

The add-on is already available on PC.