Tropico 6: Tropican Shores will be released on June 18

The add-on will add new buildings, sandbox mode maps, pointers and more to the popular strategy game.

In the new add-on, players will have to conquer the tides, expanding the zone of influence of El Presidente beyond the land area of Tropico. 15 new buildings will change the face of the island nation and contribute to the formation of infrastructure, housing, entertainment and public services. The game will also introduce a new resource – pearls.

Tropican Shores will feature four new maps for sandbox mode, including the “Yachts of El Presidente” scenario map. We should not forget about the appearance – the leader of the island state can appear before his subjects in an unusual appearance suitable for underwater swimming. New entertainments – underwater excursions and dolphin therapy – will help to relieve stress from tiring, but extremely effective activity in the role of the Tropico leader.

Tropico 6: Tropican Shores will go on sale June 18 in versions for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC and PlayStation 4|5.