There is information about the possible protagonist of Call of Duty 2024


Actor Luke Charles Stafford has revealed on social media that he has given the appearance of a character named Ratcliffe, who will be the protagonist of the new Call of Duty coming out next year.

He also posted several photos and videos that were apparently taken in a motion capture studio. And in one of the videos you can see a man in a promotional Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022) t-shirt.
Journalist Tom Henderson has suggested that the character of Luke Charles Stafford may be based on real-life British Army soldier Peter Ratcliffe, who received the Distinguished Service Medal in combat during the Gulf War.
The latter, as another insider recently reported, could just become the setting for Call of Duty 2024. There is information that the game is codenamed Cerberus and will be a new part of the Black Ops series, and Treyarch is working on it.

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