The Universim is a city-building strategy game with god-game elements, in which you will guide a civilization (the Nuggets) from the Stone Age to the Space Age. Manage resources, pass random challenges, and make sure the Nuggets survive, thrive, and spread across star systems.

The aim of the game’s authors from Crytivo studio is to recreate the classic gameplay mechanics of god simulator games and supplement them with fresh ideas, modern physics engine and stylized visual effects.
The story introduces the player to the Nuggets, a fragile and eccentric species of living creatures that relies on your leadership to build, research, and evolve. Help them, and they’ll soon begin writing their own story in the stars. Each nugget is a unique individual with a special set of characteristics. Like any other living creature, nuggets must have access to vital resources in order to survive. These include water, food, and entertainment to increase their happiness and quality of life.

As you spend time with nuggets, you will begin to notice that they behave like natural, living beings. They have their own thoughts and needs, as well as the ability to act in a dynamic and interesting way.
While more control will be required at the beginning of the game to ensure the survival of your civilization, the Nuggets will gradually evolve and learn to handle more tasks on their own, leading you to switch to the macro level and tackle even more complex tasks.
The planets in The Universim aren’t just made up of a collection of neatly arranged objects. Everything is interconnected and plays a unique role in each planet’s ecosystem. Every tree your civilization cuts down, every resource they harvest, and every animal they hunt will affect the world they live in. A shortage of trees and high levels of pollution will eventually cause global temperatures to rise, while reckless hunting or fishing could lead to the extinction of some species. Your mission is to manage how the Nuggets harvest and utilize resources. What mark will you leave on ecosystems that existed millions of years before your arrival? Will you use all available resources and expand at an unprecedented rate, or will you methodically create a more sustainable way of life for your civilization?

In The Universim, nature is as beautiful and unpredictable as it is in reality. Every planet has a few surprises that are sure to challenge your civilization. From tornadoes that destroy everything in their path to massive earthquakes that threaten to split your civilization in two. If you don’t treat nature well, it might just show you how cruel and relentless it can be. Each planet you encounter will have unique layers of soil. Some planets are peaceful and filled to the brim with resources, while others are barren and dangerous. Be careful out there!

Something as simple as the change of night and day can make all the difference. Wildlife attacks are more likely to occur at night, as are frequent temperature changes. Daytime provides a little more security from the harshness of the outside world. With the inclusion of a full four-season cycle, the planet’s biomes could change dramatically, making it extremely difficult for nuggets to survive harsh winters without proper preparation beforehand.

Graphically, The Universim looks great! The colorful world looks creative, the planet does not just exist, but fully lives. Wild animals may not find a common language among themselves and start fighting for their interests, mammoth may just drown in the lake, and Nuggets have a bad habit – to go to the other side of the planet and ask for help. Although the graphics looks simple, but the developers are extremely careful about the details. Any resident will look different from others, his clothes will correspond to the status and work. Developers emphasized on the weather climate, which will be constantly changing and accompanied by various cataclysms.

The game is definitely worth your attention. The mere idea of becoming a God of your civilization and passing with it from the origins of antiquity to the present day arouses interest. Despite all the flaws, which can be considered not especially critical for today, it will definitely be able to fascinate you.

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