The Time Campers add-on will send Teardown players to the Wild West


Authentic missions, levels and tools will be available on MS and consoles on November 15.

In the Time Campers add-on, players will become passengers in a time-traveling motorhome and travel back in time to the Wild West. After the RV breaks down, they’ll have to get creative to get vintage items to fix the time machine.

The self-contained campaign will introduce a new storyline and character, a set of Wild West-era tools, and two new levels: an old mining town with a gunpowder factory and a location with a railroad station, sheriff’s office, and gorge.

Time Campers is the first of four additions that Teardown will receive by the end of 2024. The next addition, called Folkrace, will be available in the spring and will add destructive racing to the game with multiple modes, tracks and vehicles.

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