The new PS5 has started arriving in stores ahead of the mass sales launch


Online users have noticed that retail stores have already started to receive a new PS5 model with removable disk drive – the launch of sales is expected on November 10.

The new model will be sold with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III (2023) bundles – and earlier insider billbil-kun reported that the first bundle will be available from November 8.

The Modern Warfare 3 bundle also includes a digital exclusive for PlayStation with the Lockpick Operator Pack. In this case, the game itself, judging by the description on the box, will take up at least 150 GB on the console, and to run the novelty will need to download more than 90 GB of files.

The new version of PS5 still, by the way, supports 1TB of memory – the cost of the console with a disk drive will be $500 (without it – $450). The floppy disk drive itself is estimated at $80. At the same time the cost of the bandle with “Spider-Man 2” will be equal to 560 dollars.

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