The first reviews of “Barbie” praise the style and Ryan Gosling


The impressions of the first viewers of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie appeared on the network, who were generally satisfied with the film they saw.

Judging by the reviews without spoilers, the film contains actual comments about modern society, where individuality can often be put on stream. At the same time, not only comedic elements are present in the picture, but also a dramatic component. The jokes are good, by the way.
Particular praise was given to the scale and art style of the film (including costumes and more), as well as Ryan Gosling’s acting as Ken. They also say a lot of good things about Margot Robbie in the image of Barbie, but to a lesser extent. Some felt that Gosling’s work in this tape was worthy of an Oscar.
Among the minuses was the plot, which reveals the character of Robbie well, but does not pay enough attention to the rest of the characters, who also go through a certain development.
The premiere of the film itself is scheduled in the United States on July 21 – the same day Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” is released.
Cillian Murphy, the lead actor in Nolan’s film, has already commented on the confrontation of the tapes – he advised the audience to watch both films on the same day. And he added that he really wants to appreciate the “Barbie”.

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