The authors of Baldur’s Gate 3 expanded the possibilities of creating and developing characters


During the Panel From Hell presentation, Larian revealed many details about the release version of Baldur’s Gate III. In particular, about how we will create and develop our own hero.
As we already know, we will be able to either choose a ready-made protagonist with our own background, or create a new hero from scratch. At the same time, we will have at our disposal the widest palette of possibilities: scars, freckles, age, accessories, heterochromia, vitiligo, tattoos, accessories and even genitals.
At the same time, the developers tried to make the process of creating a character as simple as possible for novice players. They don’t have to read long texts to understand what the finished hero is like.
It will be possible to choose a class and subclass from 46 options, as well as redistribute skill points during the game, when we meet a special character responsible for these abilities. The creators wanted players not to have to start from scratch if the hero disappoints after a few hours of play.

All playable protagonists the player will be able to take in his team during the game. There are only two characters who do not tolerate each other so much that they would never remain in the same squad, but they were not named to us. And during the passage, other heroes will react to our actions, up to the point that they will try to stop the character who has taken the path of darkness by force.
If the situation goes so far that all the companions leave the squad, they can be replaced by mercenaries. Mercenaries have no backstory, but are fully customizable. There will also be possible companions that are not playable, these are Minsk and Jaheira.
In addition to friendship, it will be possible to have a romance with some companions. At the same time, only actions are taken into account, there will be no special quest for opening romantic relationships. And the novel will develop even after the climax, the sex scene, until the very end.
Baldur’s Gate III leaves early access on August 3 on PC, and on September 6 on PlayStation 5.

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