Rumor: in GTA 6, the player’s house and car can be robbed by ordinary NPCs


Throughout the Grand Theft Auto series, the player has always been the protagonist. It was gamers who created havoc in the open world and theorized about ordinary game characters or just had fun in the most absurd ways. In the new part of the famous franchise, this may change slightly. According to rumors, in GTA 6 the player himself may suffer from the lawlessness of ordinary NPCs.
New information about the features of the GTA 6 gameplay was shared by an insider under the nickname MarxxChris. These statements have not received official confirmation from the developers, but this user has already managed to establish himself as a reliable source of leaks. According to the author of the leaks, now the players themselves can be in the role of a victim. Characters in Grand Theft Auto 6 will sometimes be able to rob the player’s home or car, both in his absence and right in front of him.

According to an insider, this innovation for the franchise is due to the fact that the developers from Rockstar are striving to increase the realism of GTA 6 and add a huge amount of random events to the game. While exploring the open world, another character may attack the player, trying to steal his car or rob him. In addition, at night there will be a great chance to run into pursuers or bandits looking for a fight.

How true this information is, we will only be able to find out after the official announcement of GTA 6. According to the latest data, this could happen as early as next year.

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