Review: Ship Graveyard Simulator 2 – Ship ripper


Ship Graveyard Simulator 2 is a game from Games Incubator in which players have to immerse themselves in the process of dismantling ships abandoned on a sunny beach. Slightly improved graphics compared to the first part, more advanced game mechanics make the game a worthy sequel.

  • Developer: Games Incubator
  • Publisher: PlayWay S.A.
  • Release: August 16, 2023

The game begins with a tutorial, during which the player gets acquainted with the basic mechanics: the use of different tools for the corresponding parts of the ships, namely: a hammer, a circular saw and a burner. The hammer can destroy fasteners marked in blue – mostly nails/rivets holding the walls, ceilings and floor of the ship, as well as destroy objects that are no longer fastened together, a circular saw allows you to cut yellow fasteners holding the internal frame and beams of the ship, as well as ladders leading to other decks, and a burner that burns through more complex fixtures, marked in red.

In addition to improvised tools, the player has the opportunity to use a crane to lift and dispose of the largest parts of ships and materials that cannot be lifted on their own, to further transfer them to scrap and obtain a large amount of materials. It is also worth mentioning its analogue of the cat’s hook, which is available in this game, this device allows you to move between decks, which simplifies the task in case you had the imprudence to dismantle the ladder ahead of time. There is also explosives in the game, which helps to simplify the dismantling of some parts of the ships, but explosives are consumables and must be purchased at the store.

After the ship is dismantled, or, better to say, a part of it is dismantled (it is worth considering that even the dismantling of the very first ship will take a decent amount of time), all the details will have to be loaded into the truck. The process is short, and the game contributes to this process by the fact that practically no matter how and where you don’t get up, after lifting the parts, you just need to turn towards the truck and use the right mouse button to throw the parts into the air. The throw will automatically adjust to the truck with a 90% chance of the parts reaching it. In fact, getting into the truck is not difficult, 90% only because a lot depends on where the throw will be from, if in an open area near the ship, then the cargo will reach 100%, but if you are too lazy to get out of the inside of the ship, say, there is an obstacle in in the form of a ceiling, then when thrown, the load will hit it and not reach the truck.

After loading the materials, we take them for processing, where we have to play a small mini-game and sort the parts of the ship into colored containers, after which we get our parts and money. The more ideally the player sorts everything, the more he will receive additional money.
The received materials can be sold and get even more money, or you can save and use the already accumulated amount to buy schemes for pumping tools, and then go to the master, who will improve the tools for money and materials, increasing the efficiency and speed of dismantling ships.

It is also worth considering that, depending on the ship, there is also its level of complexity, which affects the likelihood of fulfilling contracts, more on that below, and the dismantling of this ship.
Each ship has to be bought. When buying, the contract for the ship and the estimated amount of earnings from this contract and from complete dismantling are indicated. In the contract, the conditions are different, there may be a requirement to bring the customer 100 kg of materials or to extract a specific object, depending on the complexity, the number of these clauses of the contract may also change.

All in all, this is a worthy sequel. The game of stars from the sky is not enough, but it provides an opportunity to have fun for a few evenings. The game has a very moderate pace, the analysis of parts and complete dismantling will require patience and resourcefulness from the player. The game provides an opportunity to get to know such hard work, but at the same time greatly simplifies the process of understanding and immersion.


  • Lack of departures and friezes.
  • A good progress system in the form of a lot of pumping elements.
  • Large catalog of various ship models.
  • Variety of parsing tools.


  • Inability to fully disassemble ships
  • Artificially prolonged gameplay due to lack of inventory
  • Monotonous models of destroyed objects.
  • The inability to expand the base normally.

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  1. I would like more interaction. So that the ship can be completely disassembled. I hope it will be implemented in part 3.

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