Review: Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown is a fun game for your party


The chaotic multiplayer game Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown is great entertainment, but unlikely to be a hit. We talk about this crazy project in the review.

  • Developer: Chicken Studio
  • Publisher: META Publishing, Chicken Studio
  • Release Date: April 13, 2023

In Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown, crazy chickens take to the battlefield. Armed with everything that comes to hand, they fight each other until the last survivor or until their team wins.
The game does not require gamers to memorize the rules, master complex game mechanics: it only needs that the participants own a keyboard or gamepad, and be charged to enjoy fun multiplayer matches.

Battles take place on over a hundred different maps, themed around everything from city streets and skyscraper rooftops to lava river caves and ice-covered plains.
Weapons appear randomly at locations, and conditions change: for example, the level will arbitrarily tilt in different directions, or a death trap will appear in its center. Throw in destructible environments and ridiculous body physics and you’ve got total chaos and madness.

But at the same time, it’s a lot of fun to play, because Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown causes a lot of funny situations. In addition to the fact that the characters draw funny and yell hilariously, they also increase increased awkwardness, constantly fall and quickly flap their tiny wings, massively increase.
The customization system allows you to choose skins and emotions for the heroes, dress them in the costumes of a cowboy, a plague doctor, a Spartan and future archetypes. All “cosmetics” are free, but to unlock the best items, complete launches: 100 matches, 10 online matches, and so on. It motivates to stay longer – it’s always interesting to watch new content.

However, in order to linger in Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown, you need to find at least one other player, and preferably several, as the game becomes much more fun in the company. Relying on strangers from online is pointless – the project’s servers are empty, and breaking into someone’s random match is simply unrealistic. Therefore, if the title does not “shoot” (and the probability of “shooting” always exists, remember at least the history of Among Us), it will remain a game for local parties.


  • Funny high-water brawls
  • Ability to play on the same screen and on the network
  • A huge number of maps, including those created by the community
  • You don’t have to pay extra for cosmetic items
  • The game does not require any skills from the players, it is interesting for both children and adults


  • The online lobby is depressingly empty

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