Unusual, deeply developed, economic strategy. To save the world, you will have to prepare everyone, from the cleaner to the special forces.

Players take on the role of a general for an army with vaguely American nationality and no purpose save to liberate the area from the clutches of Dragan, a campy villain that mixes the aesthetics of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union into the ultimate narrative punching bag.

It won’t be an easy task though! Dragan has commanders under his banner and the only one small region stands between Dragan and total conquest.

  • Developer: Abylight Barcelona
  • Publisher: Abylight Studios
  • Release Date: July 20, 2023

Evil forces have taken over the entire continent. Now all hope for the free world is represented by the only military base under our command.
The gameplay is a tycoon about creating and staffing a mighty military base. In the future, all this power should be used for battles.

A decent amount of training is recommended. Here they will tell the basics of construction and training of specialists, they will show the preparation for one mission.
The tutorial is very high quality. They clearly explain what needs to be done. Where flashing arrows appear, some of the points can be figured out on your own from the descriptions of the tasks.

With the development of our military camp, everything is built on several main points. Let’s consider them sequentially.
base buildings. Recruiting “in the open field” is not good. They will simply then become less effective, or even desert altogether. To prevent this from happening or to reduce such unhappy probabilities to a minimum, it is necessary to put up generally useful buildings to maintain normal life.
Electric generator. As a result, there will be a decent amount of them. Without electricity, the rest of the buildings do not function.
Kitchen. No food anywhere.
Building for technical staff. Maintenance workers repair buildings, deliver supplies inside the base.
Barracks. The base place for placing hired fighters and restoring their stamina.
Entertainment building. If the fighters turn sour, then expect discontent.
Warehouses for various consumables (food, ammunition, fuel for generators)

It is important not only to build buildings, but also to maintain them in a functioning state. Ensure that there is enough electricity (the power scheme may vary), consumable supplies (and that they are delivered to the appropriate sites), that buildings are repaired and connected to the general road network

It is important not only to build buildings, but also to maintain them in a functioning state. Make sure that there is enough electricity (the power scheme may be different), consumable supplies (and that they are delivered to the appropriate sites), that buildings are repaired and connected to the general road network.
In parallel with the development, there is a recruitment. Let’s say a kitchen is installed, which means you need to immediately hire a cook there.
Potential fighters with random properties come to a special reception point, which is located at the entrance to the base. They are there for some time and if they were not hired, they disappear forever.
If you hover over the recruit with the mouse cursor, then the starting parameters and, if any, the unit’s perks will be displayed. For example, someone is gaining experience in pumping strength more quickly, which means that it is logical – he is going there, to the appropriate building.
But we must carefully approach this matter, sometimes you will have to hire a not quite suitable fighter.

If you look closely at the units, it becomes obvious that they have four main parameters: strength, intelligence, speed and accuracy. Initially, recruits should be sent to train these qualities in the appropriate buildings. These are, as it were, four pillars of unit development.
There is a fifth that is not formally displayed – scientists. These guys sort of work separately (but they still need the appropriate buildings and resources).
Researchers generate development points, for which we can qualitatively improve the base buildings and their functionality.

When the appropriate parameter level is gained, the unit can receive a specialization. Specializations are simple and complex, even very complex. In total there are five gradations / shooting ranges of professionals. The most powerful pros will have five simpler specializations. And that’s it – buildings, training, supplies. It will take a lot of money and time to train one high-class specialist.

We train fighters not just to be, but to be sent on combat missions.
The world is captured by villains who must be stopped and freed from their power of the territory. To do this, you will need to complete missions, where trained specialists will come in handy.

For each task, clearly specified specialties of fighters are required.
Victory is not always easy. Our warriors may “die”. Fortunately, the knocked out units are restored after some time and are ready to rush into battle again.
In order for the warriors, in principle, to go on a mission, it is necessary to build a helipad at the base.
The economy of occupied locations generates gold. For him, the hiring of units and construction takes place. There is a general balance of income and expenditure per day. Buildings cost money, fighters receive monetary allowances.
There is a cycle of day and night. It is necessary to plan work on the night shift of some units.

If you’re after a grueling challenge then this might not be the game for you, but with a fun and campy plot, enough mechanics that the game requires some thought, you’ll probably have fun whether you’re new to the genre or a city building veteran looking for something a little more relaxing.


  • A fantastic all-ages game
  • Silly plot and unapologetically campy villains
  • Mechanics have enough depth to be engaging while still being approachable


  • More of the unit training should be automated
  • Not a very punishing game if you’re wrong

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