REVIEW: Lempo – Find the fear in yourself


There are two main trends in horror movies. There’s the “wet your pants” option, a jump scare that’s pretty damn terrifying when you’re into it, but thankfully usually fades away when you’re done. And then there’s psychological horror. This is the type of material that doesn’t necessarily affect you from the start and takes some time to sink into your head. I’m more in favor of the second type of horror movie and to my delight Lempo is one of those.

  • Developer: One Trick Entertainment
  • Publisher: PID Games
  • Release Date: September 12, 2023

Lempo is the debut game from Finnish developer One Trick Entertainment. And PID Games is the publisher of this product.

Lempo is an exploration puzzle game inspired by Finnish mythology, in which players will have to leave Metsenpeito , a mystical entity, before it consumes them. You will take on the role of an office worker, Paul, who gets lost in the woods after work. And he gets trapped in the nightmare of Metsenpeitto . It’s an entity that feeds on the energy of the souls of living beings. People do not belong here, and if you do not escape from the forest, you will forever be trapped with strange creatures.

During your escape, you will learn the stories of the people who died before you and uncover the secrets of Metsenpeito. There are many mysteries to solve on your adventure, and the light of your flashlight will be a valuable aid in finding the items you need to solve the puzzles before you. This will not be a game of speed. Move too fast and you might just miss a valuable clue, which will lead to you being trapped in the forest forever.

The game effectively builds tension through a constant sense of danger, rather than relying solely on traditional scares. Dark forests oriented by landmarks rather than waypoints on a map add to the atmosphere of dread. The combination of traditional folklore and modern attitudes offers a unique blend of horror that enriches the narrative with depth and complexity.

Puzzles play an important role in Lempo, often proving challenging and requiring thoughtful consideration. While the game’s difficulty level may deter some players looking for a more casual experience, the satisfaction of solving them is immensely rewarding. The puzzles are also logically integrated into the game world, so they don’t break the immersion.

Visually, Lempo succeeds in creating a tense and striking atmosphere amidst the often dark surroundings. The attention to detail, especially on elements such as rock formations and waterfalls, is exceptional and adds to the immersive experience, as does the fact that some aspects of the environment can be better viewed with the flashlight off. The gameplay mechanics, including movement and interaction, are mostly smooth and intuitive.

Newcomers to this style of game may overlook some of the in-game hints at first, but perseverance is rewarded with a rich and engaging experience. Lempo sets the bar high for indie horror games, offering a visually striking, atmospheric, and intellectually stimulating adventure in Finnish mythology. It is an outstanding psychological horror game that deviates from conventional standards and offers an experience based on exploration, atmosphere and challenging puzzles. With eye-catching graphics, attention to detail and addictive gameplay, Lempo is an easy recommendation for horror fans looking for something out of the ordinary, although fair warning that it is far less cinematic than most games in the genre.

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