Have you ever had a roommate that you never wanted to see or work with? If that sounds good to you, we have a sport for you. Welcome to the story of Frank and Drake. Despite the fact that I have several complaints about this title, nevertheless, there is something to understand here.

  • Developer: Appnormals Team
  • Publisher: Chorus Worldwide Games
  • Release: August 2, 2023

Frank and Drake’s visualization is enhanced with rotoscope animation. Even if you don’t know the time period, you’ll understand it if you see it, and the sport is a prime example of the effective use of rotoscoping. In a narrative game with puzzle pieces, Frank and Drake use the outlines of objects to prompt the participant. Once you see an object with a slightly heavier and rather wavy outline, that’s probably what you need at this point. These cues are subtle but easily discernible – good rapport. The themes, composition and use of color are also effectively finished, creating a visible appeal.

The gameplay in this game could have been very simple. Since it’s a journey story with a few puzzles added in, you basically walk around and use a grid to select an object. Interactions often contain a shortcut button that allows you to drag and drop a couple combinations of select and move. (Instance/Spoiler: target an antenna with the grid, press A to grab it, then use the left JoyCon to maneuver it. Once you get there, you’ll know).

The plot revolves around a supernatural thriller involving two characters who live in the same house but can never meet. Frank is the main builder and he only walks during the day. Drake is allergic to daylight, so he works exclusively in the evening. Each expert sees visions, they usually talk to each other through stickers left around the house.

Each of these gentlemen encounters holes in their past for which they seek solutions. In their lives, they meet new people, find clues, solve puzzles, and make decisions about what they can or cannot do. This may be the most important function of sports: decision making. I’ve played a variety of games where you’re given a wide range of paths, but the decisions in this game have a deeper distinction in what you can do, what you do, and how events unfold. The choices of decisions are limited, but you’ll want to play the game multiple times to see and experience every little detail.

Frank and Drake give each character a pocketbook where you can see their goals, their storyline, their musings, and a few sketches for fun. The pocketbook is a handy tool for storing information about the sport. The only drawback is the audible results when switching to a new detail. Turning a person’s web page sounds okay, but often the sound of the transition to a new part is annoying and doesn’t really sound like the slight rustle of several pages turning without delay.

Puzzles usually are not that difficult to solve, even if you need the outdated trial and error method. Some puzzles are involved, a couple are somewhat easier. Of course, one of my considerations is that once you interact with a puzzle space, you can’t get out of it again. It would be nice to be able to solve problems in the puzzle and engage in analysis or develop a specific strategy for the game. Also, if you get tangled up in a puzzle, the only way to get out of it is to quit the game. This means you will lose some of your progress.

As for actual complaints, I have a couple. The game is intriguing, albeit slow, and the music rating needs help. Don’t get me inappropriate, if you like video games that take time to maneuver, this is high quality. Likewise, the music isn’t nasty; it’s actually effectively completed. The large drawback for me (and it’s the “me” factor) is that collectively the sport has turned into a two-minute mind treatment. The balanced tempo and quiet, repetitive music almost put me to sleep in many instances. The story can drag on, the game looks good, but there’s nothing for the player to get excited about.

Despite the cons, I can’t resist returning to Frank and Drake. The biggest appeal of the game is maintaining the relationship of both main characters and watching the story unfold. The story and its consequences will keep you in suspense. The visual design is so mesmerizing that it is internalized. The music is warm, somber, lively and tantalizing.

The emotional attachment you feel for Frank and Drake is a huge accomplishment considering this game only has text dialog.

The game is far from perfect. If you can ignore all the problems that make this game unbearable, you will appreciate the opportunity to immerse yourself in the wild plot of Frank and Drake .


  • Visual
  • Aesthetics
  • Narrative
  • Interesting system of relationships


  • Bugs
  • Game Design Mini Games

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  1. Beautifully crafted game. There is a whimsical atmosphere in all aspects that drags you into the story. The art, the music, the narrative are incredible.

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