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Rev to Vertex is a new racing simulator designed to conquer the gaming world. Developed by Plutonization, a small team of Grand Prix racers in Hong Kong. R2V offers a unique racing experience unlike any other rally or circuit game. Instead of simply crossing the finish line, players engage in tight races against rival street racers as they travel the serpentine roads and hills of Hong Kong.

PLUTONIZATION is a small development team with a handful of employees, so the fact that such an impressive game exists is an achievement in itself.

One of the key features of R2V is the realistic driving physics and combat system. The game uses geospatial data obtained by lidar scanning of Hong Kong. This will allow players to truly immerse themselves in the world of virtual racing. Challenge the roads and weather conditions of Hong Kong.

Players also have the ability to fully customize and modify their cars, ensuring that they always look and perform at their best. The game is currently set in Hong Kong, but they will be available in other locations in future updates.

The game features a 5,000 horsepower supercar developed by Devel Motors of the United Arab Emirates . This marks the car’s first appearance in a licensed game and was marked by a contract signing ceremony in Hong Kong, attended by Devel Motors president and professional racer Mr. Darryl O’Young, who tested the Devel Sixteen in R2V and gave a positive review of its power and speed.

Thanks to its impressive graphics, the game is quite demanding on PC hardware. For a more comfortable immersion you need a system with at least RTX 3080. This may negatively affect the feedback from players with weaker hardware.

A little later, having familiarized with the game in more detail, we will publish a more detailed review, where we will discuss all aspects of the game, its advantages and disadvantages.

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  1. Not a bad game. I play on G29, very well set up controls. But very few tracks. And yes, fps on RTX 3070 leaves much to be desired.

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