Razer introduced an updated gamepad for smartphones Kishi V2 Pro


Razer has released a new gamepad for Kishi V2 Pro smartphones. This is an upgraded version of the gamepad from the Razer Edge console, and if the first version was sold only with the console, then the second one can be purchased separately.

The Razer Kishi V2 Pro is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. It allows you to both play games installed on your phone and connect to the Razer Nexus 3.0 cloud service. There is also an Xbox Edition with access to games from the Xbox catalog and integration with Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Remote Play. The “classic” Kishi V2 Pro will be available in black and blue colors, while the Xbox Edition will be available in white.

The new Kishi V2 Pro controller received a 3.5 mm audio jack and support for haptic feedback. Sticks, triggers and keys are similar to gamepads from game consoles.

The controller will cost $130, while the Xbox Edition is priced at $150. Razer emphasizes that the new product is available exclusively in the US and Canada.

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