Published 30 minutes of new Payday 3 gameplay


At Gamescom 2023, Payday 3 won two awards for “Best PC Game” and “Most Addictive Game”. Almir Listo, brand director of Starbreeze, commented:

Less than a month away from launch, these awards are a huge milestone for Starbreeze. We’ve worked hard to make Payday 3 the best possible sequel ever. Winning two Gamescom awards is a testament to what our team and our partner Deep Silver have achieved. We look forward to when the whole world can play it.

At Gamescom 2023, a mission was made available for players to team up into a cooperative group of 4 to infiltrate a heavily guarded container warehouse. As in the rest of the game, there are two ways to get into the warehouse: sneak in while avoiding the guards, cameras and workers using a stealth approach, or go outside with weapons at the ready, which can end in an explosive firefight with the police and special forces, who called for helicopter support .

3 thoughts on “Published 30 minutes of new Payday 3 gameplay

  1. I like it btw, new swat looks modernized and their tactic is improved like stay behind shield and cover, always aim their gun, actively push but not suicidal

  2. I am a bit baffled by people in Steam community unironically saying how PD3 is just modded PD2 or saying how the graphics are ugly and bad. It looks pretty good to me. I just don’t like the over monetization or the micro transactions

  3. I can’t be the only one but when watching the trailers I was let down, I expected more? I played Pay Day 2 for a very long time but haven’t for many years now and I don’t know, it doesn’t seem THAT much different. I see differences sure, but they are minor, was expecting much much more and I’m actually genuinely disappointed.

    It already looks like a game that has been out for a few years looks wise.

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