Preview: War Legends – victory or death!


Do you think it will be inconvenient to play full-fledged strategies, and even with PVP sessions for up to six players, on smartphones? Then be sure to join War Legends, a classic fantasy RTS developed by talented minds from the Russian company Gear Games, the authors of the Art of War series. Let’s talk in more detail.

  • Developer: Gear Games Global
  • Publisher: Gear Games Global

At first glance, and even upon closer examination of War Legends, anyone familiar with Blizzard strategies will have a fairly stable association with Warcraft. It is obvious that igrodely inspired by the classics of the genre, but by no means copied. War Legends has its own universe, inhabited by fantasy creatures and unique heroes, other laws and mechanics dominate here, and it is also extremely mobile, but at the same time remains a full-fledged and surprisingly convenient RTS.
The beginning of the story campaign, which must be completed in order to unlock the main features of the game and get hold of the first power-ups, will tell about the conflict between Light and Darkness. As often happens, the races united under the dark banners begin an active invasion of the territories of the light ones.

Together with the paladin Gilbert, the players will go through six small missions, which in general terms will introduce them both to the lore of War Legends and the nuances of the gameplay, without knowing which, in general, there is no need to even try to fight against live players.
The first and most important thing is control, because you will not have a keyboard with its capabilities for quickly managing groups of units, or a mouse to instantly select characters and move the camera around the map. This circumstance caused me some concerns, however, towards the end of the first story chapter, they completely disappeared.

There are a number of entertaining and non-standard solutions that help speed up gaming sessions and diversify them somewhat. We are talking about chests that sometimes appear on the map somewhere in the middle, between the starting points of opponents. Whoever manages to get to the chest and capture it will receive additional resources, which means they will be able to build everything that needs to be built faster and hire additional troops. It is not uncommon for chests to have the first battles, unless, of course, reconnaissance units collide at observation towers dispelling the fog of war or mana wells scattered across the map.
The latter provide a unique resource necessary for using scrolls with magic that can bring down a meteorite on the enemy, speed up the extraction of resources, impose positive effects on allied units, and negative effects on enemy units. Scrolls are finite, they are consumed after use and can be found in magic chests as rewards. They have a very serious impact on the gameplay, but do not bring confusion to the balance.

War Legends surprised and even conquered a little. This is really a full-fledged RTS for a mobile game with very flexible monetization, extremely convenient controls, including microcontrol, a nice picture, an excellent set of characters and unhurried classic real-time strategy gameplay.
The average session duration, even if it is a 3v3 match, is about 15-20 minutes, sometimes it ends in 10 minutes. It is not demanding on smartphones and your time, which makes War Legends an excellent RTS option for going out.
In the future, the developers will add six additional ground units and five more ships for naval battles for each faction, a survival mode for single and cooperative play, ranked matches, blitz (without building bases) and much more.
By the way, testing of the iOS version of the game started not so long ago. Now the project is available for free trial in all key mobile stores.

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