Payday 2 received a paid add-on Crude Awakening


The authors of PayDay 2 showed the trailer for the paid add-on Crude Awakening Heist. It is already available for download. In this heist, the gang goes to an oil rig to get revenge on one of their opponents – a big bang is promised. The task was the final point in the plot of Texas Heat.

With the release of the expansion, the February Awakening of Crude Oil pack has been completed. It includes a music album, a set of costumes, a set of weapons and the robbery itself.

Fans who tried the add-on called the robbery funny and the music god-like. Regardless, the developers are being asked to stop releasing expansion packs for Payday 2 as they need to focus on the triquel.

The authors said that more news about Payday 3 can be expected before the end of the month. Earlier, journalists shared a preview with a lot of gameplay, and the developers showed two issues of diaries.

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