Omega Crafter is the first Steam release from developer and producer Preferred Networks , which mixes elements of Minecraft, Portal Knights and other survival RPGs and teaches players the basics of programming.Get ready to chop trees, mine ore, and program robots that will help you build a city in the middle of the wilderness.

Omega Crafter is an interesting twist on the traditional survival game genre and sends you into a whole new world with the goal of building a city and defeating any bugs that haunt your world.
There are two main elements, survival and programming.

Programming is an interesting approach to city building that will gradually help you understand the basics of programming. When you reach the point of unlocking your first Grammi, it may seem a bit daunting if you have no programming experience.

The game does a good job of explaining to you how it works and offers templates to help you master most of the city-building part of the game.

The survival aspects of the game are pretty much what you’d expect from any survival RPG. There’s farming, hunting, and combat with the ability to level up and craft more powerful gear.

There are several parts to the leveling system. You and your Gummy have separate skill points that can be spent to improve life, damage, and stamina. You can also use the data analyzer to improve your town and unlock new items that can be crafted.

Sometimes it feels like the game has a pretty steep learning curve. The path from the starting point to the first boss is pretty smooth. When I started exploring more extensive areas, I felt like I was constantly too weak, even at level 20 with upgraded gear. Stone golems took me forever to kill, even after I discovered their weakness. There were also times when it seemed like there were too many enemies for one player.

Multiplayer in Omega Crafter works just like in other games of this genre. Your friends can join your world, create their own gear, and summon Grammis. Both players can program Grammis and change what they are working on.

Omega Crafter’s multiplayer is fun and challenging. Allowing both players to program Grammys helps simplify small town construction. Players work on specific tasks, for example, one works with stone and the other with wood.

Omega Crafters’ simplistic art style adds to the cozy feel of the game. Even when you open the Gummi program, nothing seems too complicated. The design of the enemies fits perfectly with the adorable Gummi. Although they are clearly enemies, they are not so dangerous that they look out of place.

The sound was simplistic for the most part and added to the overall atmosphere while playing the game. The music during boss fights definitely made them feel more important and exciting, but didn’t overwhelm the overall feel that Omega Crafter had.

If you like games like Portal Knights, you’ll love how Omega Crafter transforms the elements of survival games. I’ll keep playing it to see how much more I can find that I haven’t already.