Multiplayer survival game Soulmask will head to Early Access in June

In the meantime, a free demo of the project is available to everyone.

Following a positive community response during the public beta, which attracted over 40,000 players on the first day, Qooland has announced that the public beta has been extended until May 15 to allow even more players to experience the game ahead of the Early Access launch on June 18. You can download the demo on Soulmask’s Steam page.

Soulmask is a mystical survival simulator with multiplayer. Masks give gamers the ability to control most of the non-player characters in the game world – possessing them, taking over their bodies, and transforming into anyone they want. As the game progresses, users will be able to find more masks that embody the spirit of ancient heroes, which will unlock many different abilities, including the gift of immortality, invisibility, and even homing missiles.