Movavi Video Editor 2024 – Create videos easily and quickly

Movavi Video Editor is ideal for ordinary users who want to create their own videos and share them online. The program offers a good balance in video editing capabilities and ease of use. And an important feature, the editor can be easily and effortlessly purchased on Steam, which is very convenient.

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2576030/Movavi_Video_Editor_2024/

Website: https://www.movavi.com/

Any user will immediately appreciate Movavi’s interface. For beginners, it’s a boon because it’s simple. All functions can be quickly found in the main working window and there is no need to work with different tabs and multiple windows at the same time. This greatly simplifies the work of users.

The editor supports a large number of video formats. You can import almost any video file. And the import system is quite convenient. You can import files from webcam, smartphone and any other environment. They will be added to the timeline of the created project without delay. It is also possible to record video in the editor itself. For this purpose, the video camera function is applied.

However, for screen capture it is recommended to use another product of the company – Video Suite program. It has more effects, a better converter and a more powerful equalizer.
Perhaps, we will tell you more about this program later.

The editor has a huge number of different effects, filters and transitions with which you can personalize any of your projects.

In addition, Movavi doesn’t limit itself to the built-in functionality. DLCs with new masks, effects, styles and other useful components are released regularly.

In our opinion, Movavi is a great video editor for beginners and intermediate editors. If you often shoot video on your smartphone but have no idea which program to use to edit it, use this product and you won’t be disappointed.

For professionals, this editor does not have the right amount of functionality. But even they can use it for an express project or a rough sketch, as you are only a few mouse clicks away from uploading a video and getting the desired result.