KAKU: Ancient Seal is a game from BINGOBELL that was released last spring. In this journey, we will be able to live the life of Kaku, a native tribe living in an ancient continent that was created by the spirits of the basic elements: Water, Fire, Earth and Wind. In search of a talisman, the protagonist seeks knowledge together with the elder Geiser, who accompanies him on this journey, until they discover that something more is happening in the land where they live.

  • Developer: BINGOBELL
  • Publisher: BINGOBELL
  • Release Date: May 4, 2023

Right off the bat, one can tell the ease and subtlety in the plot construction of KAKU: Ancient Seal. Everything starts so calmly and quietly, the facts develop naturally and are presented gradually through well-presented character dialogues.

Kaku is a young native in search of adventure who is mentored by Elder Gaiser. And Kaku is nothing more than a teenager looking for a life without worries. But as in life, nothing happens the way we expect it to. Kaku and Geyser meet the Stone Guardian, who tells them what’s going on and that he needs their help to make things right. In this quest, the young boy finally makes a new friend, Pidgey, and with his help, sets out on a journey to help the guardian restore the balance of the worlds.

Just because a game decided to use “simple” gameplay mechanics doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting. KAKU: Ancient Seal decided to bring more simplicity to the combat between the protagonist and his opponents. However, the large options for spells or combinations do make a difference. Kaku’s progression along the way is very interesting, as in addition to improving aspects of himself, you can also improve Pidgey. And this matters a lot and is encouraged by the game (there are areas that become easier after some of Pidgey’s improvements).

Some of the equipment improvements also require a lot of attention from the player. Unlike some games where gear just comes as it comes, here you have to consider how each piece of gear benefits you.

The game brings stamina mechanics, and they can be key to being able to kill a more difficult opponent with ease (or not), as the game isn’t just “punch and kick”. After all, in order to properly punch opponents, you must first break through defenses with either Pidgey’s attacks or Kaku’s strongest attack.

Everything in KAKU: Ancient Seal is thoughtfully designed to make each location of the expansive map, something not to be wasted, and even some of the character improvement is done through certain items. Whether it’s to improve your gear (yes, you can also improve the main character’s gear) or to distribute skill points (which are gained through simple bug fights or boss points). And if that wasn’t enough, there are still a few puzzles scattered around, whether it’s the ones that make up the ruins or the ones present in the towers.

Inside the game we encounter local creatures that are a bit hostile, the Ponpon, who, when Kaku doesn’t use his special power, can cause some problems. It is also worth mentioning the existence of NPCs who exchange services and sell information to help us in our search for the secrets found on each island.

There are four islands available to explore in the game, as mentioned at the beginning of the Stone Guardian’s journey: the Misty Swamps (elemental of water), the Howling Snowfield (elemental of wind), the Dragon Bone Desert (elemental of earth), and finally the Flaming Mountains (elemental of fire). Each island has its own beasts and inhabitants, and Kaku goes on a quest to find the Soul of the elements to find balance before the disaster that occurred and caused the islands to disintegrate.

The graphics in the game are good and bring us a sense of well-being, with very bright colors and well-designed elements of information transfer. In the same vein, the soundtracks and sounds present in the game perfectly compose the moments, whether they are more agitated or more calm. And on top of that, it’s nice to see that they took care to “maintain” their own dialect for the characters in the game, where they communicate in their own language.

Overall, KAKU: Ancient Seal is a great game with a lot of potential. It has a great story, and exploring the unique environments is a joy. There are some flaws and bugs that can slightly spoil the experience. But you can ignore these minor issues, because it’s a visual marvel that allows you to explore and play while getting a great story at the same time.


  • Beautiful and environment
  • Fun and dynamic gameplay
  • Great music and atmosphere
  • Good story and dialogs


  • Some bugs in certain areas
  • Outdated combat system due to which: (next item)
  • Basic attack sequences block the character in one direction of the attack

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  1. By the way, it is much more convenient to control this game with a gamepad than with a mouse. I compared it with the PS5 version.

  2. Bought this game for my wife. Now I can’t sit down at the computer in the evening because my wife is busy with it 😀 😀 😀

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