Go-Go Town! – An urban planning simulator with relaxing gameplay and lots of entertainment

In the Go-Go Town cooperative urban planning simulator! there is no place for hostility and confrontation, and all its inhabitants radiate positivity and rush to make new acquaintances. However, they are sad because of the poor condition of their beloved town – the fountains have dried up, the sidewalks have fallen into disrepair, and entertainment centers have long been closed. You will have to take control of the urban economy and turn the settlement into a flourishing tourist center.

It is recommended to start a career with the repair and construction of buildings, which will attract the first tourists and give the initial capital for qualitative transformations. Players will have to personally repair dilapidated buildings, saw dry trees with saws, remove fallen leaves, patch city roofs and much more. Only after that, you can proceed to updating the city layout and building logistics.

Go-Go Town Co-op mode! significantly speeds up the gameplay and allows you to involve local residents in the management of the city. Players will be able to hire lumberjacks, postmen, food deliverers, artisans, hot dog sellers, etc. Over time, the city’s territory will end, but managers will be able to buy new plots of land, terraform and build new areas.

The main criterion for the success of the mayor’s activities will be the number of tourists rushing to take a look at the wonderful city. Do not forget to invest money in entertainment and restaurants, break up boulevards and turn them into paradisiacal corners, decorate city streets with lanterns and garlands, put elite tiles on sidewalks and do not skimp on paying city services, post photos of the city on social networks and record positive videos.

Overall, the game offers a pretty neat and calm gameplay that will allow you to control what should happen to your city. Plans for the development of a place from nothing into something will give free rein to your imagination and allows you to design it to your liking.