Fans of Bethesda games have released the first “community patch” for Starfield


Fans of the game Bethesda, as promised, released the first “community patch” for Starfield, which is called The Starfield Community Patch. You can download it at the link (for now only for the PC version).

The Starfield Community Patch is a collective project created by modders and other interested community members. It should improve the overall Starfield gaming experience by fixing various issues and inaccuracies such as misplaced objects, scripting errors, inconsistencies in item properties, mission bugs, critical exploits, and so on. All of these fixes should be considered unofficial.

Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series (as well as Gampe Pass). Its audience has already exceeded 11 million players. Bethesda is going to develop Starfield by its own forces – for example, the release of modding tools is planned for 2024.

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