Dungeons and Dragons is a table-top board game that rose in popularity in the 70s. The game has been forever in the culture for decades and has never been stronger than it is now. With the advent of the Internet, playing the game from a distance became possible. However, the programs and utilities available have never been up to par. Game developer Briganti has created a program that will simplify all of this. Its goal is to help fans create the visuals and maps needed to fully immerse themselves in the game.

  • Developer: Briganti
  • Publisher: Briganti
  • Release Date: March 31, 2022

Dungeon Alchemist is a program designed to create maps that Dungeons & Dragons organizers can use in their campaigns. Briganti decided to make the task of creating these fantasy lands as easy as possible. They called on artificial intelligence to help: by simply selecting a theme and building type, you’ll create a complete room with interiors. These interiors can be personalized, from the furniture to the layout. Many items in the program can be added to create complete buildings to your liking. You can draw additional boxes to add even more rooms with pre-created random interiors.

By default, the program provides a top-down view. With a click of a button, the image can be made three-dimensional so you can get a better look at the location. If there is a character model in the scene, you can also take a first-person view of your creation. As far as character models go, the selection is a bit lacking. However, those who are familiar with the Hero Forge website, where you can create your own models, can import their characters directly into the scene.

The user interface of the program is intuitive to use. It is an easy-to-navigate menu with many well-designed options. Controlling rooms and furniture to your liking is just as simple and easy. You can also add effects to all surfaces in the game such as fire, smoke and fog. It all looks amazing and is well animated. As for the sound, it’s sparse considering it’s a program and not a real game. You hardly notice it though, as it’s easy to get lost in the creation of these worlds that are rich in character and personality.

You can fiddle around and create these worlds endlessly. Many variations and styles are available. With online tutorials provided by the game developers, the size of your creations knows no bounds.
If you plan on hosting Dungeons & Dragons nights and need player cards, Dungeon Alchemist may be indispensable. With sites like Roll 20 and Foundry, and many others, Dungeon Alchemist creations can be exported. From there, you’ll have the option to use these maps as digital or printable dungeon map resources. Whatever it is, the visual effects tool for D&D Nights is as good as it gets.
We recommend the program to anyone who wants to run D&D nights in the future!

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