Drug Dealer Simulator 2 REVIEW

Perhaps one of the most long-awaited games from players, especially those who played the original Drug Dealer Simulator, whose successor, Drug Dealer Simulator 2, has finally been released on Steam. The developers have released a lot of updates and new mechanics to keep this game fresh and provide new experiences for all types of players, whether they are former drug dealers in Drug Dealer Simulator or new tycoons who want to bet on Isla Sombra.

The plot of the game Drug Dealer Simulator 2 puts us in the place of a new drug magnate who is trying to regain his name in the Isla Sombra region, a picturesque archipelago inhabited by many people from all walks of life. Combined with diverse landscapes such as mountainous areas and beaches, rural villages and a vibrant city center, the Drug Dealer Simulator 2 game has all the landscapes suitable for a new drug empire.

Another aspect that helps elevate the story of Drug Dealer Simulator 2 is the numerous important characters we encounter throughout our journey to Isla Sombra.

The main and important element of the gameplay of Drug Dealer Simulator 2 is the way we can produce some illegal things for our empire that will feed the people of Isla Sombra for days and weeks, even years, if possible. Of course, it doesn’t all start right away. At first, your drug production tools are severely limited and limited to just one shelter, which is a Bunker. Here you will meet one of your best friends who can help organize the entire operation.

Drug production itself is relatively simple and concise, as I was able to produce everything that the good people of Isla Sombra needed after just one training session, and I have to praise the developers for making sure that the production side of the cartel was not overloaded with unnecessary explanations and details. which could interfere with the passage of the game Drug Dealer Simulator 2 .

It’s impossible to talk about the cartel without mentioning the distribution of drugs, because without this process, no matter how much you produce, whether it’s 10 kilograms or even 10 tons, it won’t matter if you can’t move them from one place to another. Fortunately, there are many ways in Drug Dealer Simulator 2 that allow players to understand how to effectively handle and distribute drugs.

As soon as you manage to secure a reliable drug pipeline, it will be time to distribute them to the residents of Isla Sombra. You must first distribute them manually by accepting requests through your phone (holding down the Tab button and then holding down the F button to accept the request), and then go to the appropriate regions such as the Small Island, Archipelago, etc. Although I understand in terms of plot and gameplay, this initial drug distribution system seems very clunky and more like a routine than an actual distribution to promote your cartel’s products. There’s almost no fun in it, and they’re more like mandatory search quests.

However, things start to seem much better and more orderly after a certain point in history. Once you get the first distributor, usually available after completing several missions for Llazo and other characters in the Archipelago area, you can start expanding beyond the initial areas without running back and forth between your supplies and customers.

Moreover, at this stage of the game, your money should start to grow significantly thanks to all the drugs that you sell in the game, so buying a car from a Mechanic is a great investment to improve your mobility from one area to another. This will not only help with the initial tedious drug distribution in Drug Dealer Simulator 2, but also increase your efficiency in moving from one important place to another, for example, from a Furniture store to a Pawnshop.

Another aspect that I want to discuss in this review is the graphics and sound design. To be honest, this is not the best part of this game. Unlike the solid gameplay and somewhat comical but still believable story, the game lacks direction in terms of graphics and overall sound quality.

Also, for me, a significant disadvantage is the lack of animation for almost everything in the world of Drug Dealer Simulator 2. Even interactive items such as houses, NPCs and vehicle doors are static and do not give any feedback, no matter what input we use, whether it’s trading, traveling or entering your safe havens. However, I have to give credit where it’s needed, as the developers successfully provide relatively smooth and fluid combat mechanisms and animations where every punch I land on the police or other gangs has weight behind them, making the fight rewarding and satisfying.

Turning to the sound design of Drug Dealer Simulator 2, although throughout my passage I did not encounter any notable pieces of music or sound effects, I did not find any special flaws in them, there are no bugs or anything that could interfere with my enjoyment of the game, and I must take my hat off to the developers for that that everything works here, although it is not remarkable in any way.

In general, unfortunately, the graphics and sound design of Drug Dealer Simulator 2 are not its strengths, although I am sure that future patches and updates will be able to improve everything here even more, because I see the potential of this game, and it will be a pity if the developers abandon it without bringing everything to perfection.