Deathbound has received a release date

Deathbound is a soulslike game set in a harsh world where faith comes into conflict with science. You cannot survive alone; instead, you must renounce Death and unite with the fallen warriors who meet on your way. Using a dynamic squad system of four heroes, you can easily switch between characters. Success depends on working together with your comrades, each of whom has their own skills, combat techniques and backstory.

The relationship between team members significantly affects the gameplay, which leads to different results and status effects depending on your actions. For example, combining characters from the Church of Death and the Cult of Life – two opposing factions on the ship – will cause conflict and give the opportunity to use the appropriate combat effects. Alternatively, combining fallen warriors with similar beliefs can lead to powerful combat skills, ideal for destroying ruthless enemies in their path.

Deathbound will be released on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on August 8. You can already add the game to the vishlist on Steam.