Continuation of the action movie Ancharted with Tom Holland will be released soon


The film adaptation of the famous Uncharted series of games with Tom Holland as Nathan Drake managed to earn more than $ 400 million at the box office worldwide. This placed the film in 6th place on the list of the highest grossing video game films of all time, so its sequel will not be long in coming. Film producer Charles Roven, in a recent interview with reporters, hinted that the premiere of the sequel “Uncharted: Off the Maps” could take place very soon.

Charles Roven did not go into details of the film’s production process. At the end of last year, unofficial information appeared on the network about the approval of the filming of the continuation of “Ancharted”. Based on the words of the producer, he cannot yet make loud statements, but expressed his general hope for an early premiere of the sequel.

In a conversation with reporters, Roven emphasized that the entire original film crew and cast are in close relationship. They are ready to start production of the tape now, and they all want to make “another exciting action movie”. For fans of the first part and the original series of games, he recommends waiting for official announcements.

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