Build amazing vehicles for planetary exploration in TerraTech Worlds

If you’re looking for a space exploration-themed open world adventure, TerraTech Worlds might be just the thing for you. Especially since it’s already out in Steam Early Access. So now you can go solo or join a team of five other players to embark on a PvE journey across the brightly colored planet.

Instead of exploring the planet on foot, you’ll need to construct a special vehicle to navigate the surface, finding the right wheels, suspension and equipment to traverse the terrain in the current biome, which can range from arid desert to snowy tundra. It’s also worth adding weapons for defense in case you encounter roving bandits or other alien threats.

You won’t just be building vehicles – base building is also an important part of TerraTech Worlds. By creating processing plants, you’ll be able to automate the refining of raw materials collected during your travels, unlocking new building blocks to further improve your bases and vehicles.

You’ll also need to use your construction skills to overcome obstacles on the planet itself, whether it’s building bridges to cross deep rivers or constructing a series of ramps to climb a steep cliff. You’ll have to be creative and inventive in assembling bases and structures to achieve your goals.

The co-op mode supports four players, who are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the in-game editor and build powerful vehicles for movement, construction, and combat. As technology is explored, players will learn how to build real cities with epic buildings, explore the wonders of alien worlds, and even fly, quickly traversing mountains and oceans.